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As Students Head Home for Break, Study Abroad Applications Expected to Rise

Once finals are over December 21st, students will be packing up and returning home not just to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, but three weeks worth of homework-free relaxing. It is during this time that the Study Abroad Office typically sees a jump in applications for the Fall, Summer, and Academic Year programs because it is during this time that students discuss final decisions with family members/guardians before applying by quickly approaching deadlines. And students aren’t without options:

  1. Spring/Summer Faculty-Led Programs abroad consist of an on-campus 8-week course at the end of the spring semester before students fly off to a host country for an in-depth look at the theme of the course. As the programs are led by U of I faculty, themes vary.
  2. Summer Faculty-Led Programs go during the summer, with no on-campus course during the spring semester. Themes also vary depending on the faculty leader.
  3. Summer Programs are not Faculty-led and lend for a more independent experience and can be offered with other U.S students studying language and culture, or directly at a university abroad.
  4. Fall 2013/Academic Year 2013-2014 programs, while longer term options, are perfect not only to receive 12-18 credit hours (the same as if you stayed on campus!) but it is also an opportunity to really immerse yourself and explore another culture’s day-to-day lifestyle. Live with host families or apartments, take classes in your major/minor or a database of over 300 Gen Eds, explore the region, and still graduate on time!

If you are unsure how long to go for, or of which program is right for you, stop by the Study Abroad Office and talk to a Peer Advisor. Their schedules can be found here: Peer Advisor Schedule.