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Oh the Places You’ll Go with SAO (Study Abroad Office)!

Guest Blogger: Alicia Daniels, Program Assistant at the Illinois Study Abroad Office 


A student’s view of one of the gorgeous beaches of Australia

Next to the return of the coveted Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, acceptance letter season for the winter break 2014 and spring 2015 semester study abroad programs is my favorite time of year! The September 15, 2014 deadline has passed and many of our exceptional applicants have been eagerly opening their e-mails to find congratulatory messages of their acceptance to their study abroad program of choice!

But what about those of us who recently found out about the incredible opportunities at the study abroad office but missed the deadline to go abroad this year? Lucky for you the Study Abroad Office is all about making sure every interested student has the opportunity to go abroad and gain a well-rounded education. There are several exceptional programs that have extended their deadlines in faculty-led programs for Winter Break 2014-15 or Summer of 2015.

Winter Break 2014-15:

Rehabilitation 199: Rehabilitation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Extended Application Deadline: September 29

Advertising 399/500: Advertising Across Borders – Consumerism in the Dominican Republic. Extended Application Deadline: September 29

Anthropology 445: Primate Behavior, Ecology, Ecosystem Sustainability and Conservation in Costa Rica. Extended Application Deadline: October 1

bocas 013, CR

Students enjoying the delicious offerings of the rainforest in Costa Rica!

For students who prefer the summer term for study abroad, there plenty of additional options for faculty-led courses abroad:

Summer 2015:

Advertising 399: Branding Italian Cuisine: Rome. Application Deadline: October 29, 2015

English 274/African American Studies 298: Literature & Society: Slavery and Identity in Benin. (The English 274 section counts for Gen Ed credit!) Application Deadline: December 1

Programs with a February 1, 2015 Deadline:

Global Studies 298: Conflict and Post-Conflict Resolution, Cyprus
Art History 460: Introduction to Museology: Paris
Media & Cinema Studies 364: Food Networks: Media, Technology & Sustainability in Sweden
Education Policy 590 SAX: Refugees and Education in the Mediterranean, Malta & Sicily

Please check the SAO website ( to view more available programs and find your home away from home today!


Students enjoying a crisp fall morning in front of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

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