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National and International Scholarships Program Looking for 2013-2014 Applicants

National and Intl Scholarships

 “I remember being intimidated by the process and doubtful of my chance for success. Fortunately, my graduate mentor strongly encouraged me to apply and emphasized the benefit and learning opportunity of working through the application, regardless of the outcome.” 

The National and International Scholarships Office is looking for freshmen who are just beginning to work in a research lab, to seniors who want to teach English abroad after graduation as possible applicants to 12 different prestigious scholarships. Due to the international focus that some of these scholarships take, study abroad returnees are encouraged to apply!

Having helped to award nine new Gilman scholars this year in addition to 12 new Fulbright scholars (among other scholarships), the Office of National and International Scholarships is dedicated to assisting students in finding the right opportunities to compete on the national stage. They can help you unlock your potential, learn about yourself, and become more competitive for prestigious scholarships by assisting you through the application process. They will work with you to present your best attributes to each of the 12 prestigious scholarship opportunities. Students are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible to discuss these opportunities.

Interested students should demonstrate:

  • How and why a particular course of study, research, or internship will enhance their career goals
  • A considerable degree of maturity, self-reliance, self-discipline, and resourcefulness
  • Initiative, drive, and a willingness to see things through to the end
  • The potential to become leaders, opinion formers, and decision makers
  • Strong preparation for the proposed course of study or research
  • An outstanding track record of non-academic involvement
  • A commitment to the community
  • An intellectually well-rounded and broad set of interests
  • An outward-looking disposition and engaging personality
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Potential to put the experience to good use
  • Potential to act as an ambassador and positive representative for the scholarship awarded

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