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La Bella Vita: Living in Verona

Guest Blog from Verona, Italy: Kristin Lanxon


Good morning all! Or as we say in Italy, buongiorno!

It is currently 3:24 in the afternoon here, but for those of you still state-side, your day is just beginning! I have been very busy exploring the beautiful city of Verona since my arrival one week ago; there is so much to learn and even more to discover. When Claudio, our Resident Director, first dropped us off at our apartment at 6 Vialle Della Repubblica, I should have known this was going to be an amazing experience. We walked up the stairs and opened the door to a gorgeous apartment just a block away from the Adige River (Italy’s second largest river don’t you know). So it goes without saying that I am extremely grateful for my living situation and location; I could not have gotten luckier.

Exploring Verona

Our first few days were all about getting our feet wet. Claudio made sure that we were emerged into the Italian culture as much as possible. We had fabulous four-course dinners, which were never complete without local wine and indulgent cappuccinos afterward. After our first dinner I thought I could never eat again. Yet the next morning we greeted with delicious chocolate croissants  prosciutto, bread, and more cappuccino….I found room for more food.


Croissants and freshly squeezed juice!

After breakfast, Claudio took us on a grand tour of Verona. I had known a little about the city before, but after seeing it in person, there is so much more to Verona than I ever knew! We first began in Piazza Bra, which is the town’s main square. We live very close to this Piazza, as it is just a quick walk across a bridge away from our apartment. In Piazza Bra you will first find the BEAUTIFUL arena, a Roman amphitheater  It is home to concerts, operas, plays, and is one of the best preserved structures of its kind. Because we arrived during the Italian Christmas holiday, they had decorated the arena with a star shooting out of it, which made it even better. After venturing through Piazza Bra, we headed towards Piazza Erbe, which is home to fabulous shopping, Juliet’s balcony, and Torre dei Lamberti. Torre dei Lamberti is very high tower in the middle of the Piazza and has 368 steps. I rode the elevator up the tower, but I DID walk down, just to say I did it! The top of the tower provided me with some of the best pictures I have ever taken. The city seems small when you are walking the streets, but when viewed from above it easy to see how vast and beautiful it really is. Personally, Piazza Erbe is my favorite place in Verona. Not just because of the historical landmarks, but everything about it, even down to the shutters of the windows, is breath-taking.


An old man painting Piazza Erbe


Locks in Juliet’s Courtyard


One of my favorite pictures so far!

It was a long weekend of touring, but the pain in my feet was worth all the spectacular sites I got to see. Every day when I walk to class (across the Castelvecchio Bridge no less), I still cannot believe that this is my new home. I am still exploring this historic city, so stay tuned for much more! Ciao for now!

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