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Spanish-Speaking Facilitators Wanted for Mi Pueblo!

Subject: Need for Spanish-Speaking Facilitators with Mi Pueblo
We are looking for motivated students to volunteer as Mi Pueblo Group Facilitators to lead weekly conversation groups on campus.  You do not need to be a native speaker to lead, but you must have experience speaking Spanish through the advanced level.
Commitment includes:
* 10, 1-hour conversation sessions.  These will run from Friday, February 1st through Thursday, April 18th, keeping in mind that we have a week-long Spring break and the last day of classes is May 1st.
* Attendance at 3 cultural events.
This is a great opportunity to enhance your leadership, organization and communication skills in another language while also making great friends on campus.  Interested students should contact Lara Sanoica at
We will be having a facilitator orientation on Tuesday, January 22nd at 7:30PM in the Lucy Ellis Lounge (First floor, Foreign Language Building).
For more information on Mi Pueblo, check out our website at
Follow us on Twitter @MiPuebloUIUC
¡Nos vemos!

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